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Scaling Solana With
User Staking And Our
Developer API Platform

RunNode will have a dual revenue structure that is innovative to the industry. We will host a staking solution for users to stake their crypto assets in a non-custodial way to act as validators on their respective networks. Beyond that, we will also have an API that will tap into these validator nodes so that we can both act as a validator and as a developer portal. This will allow for reduced overhead costs as well as create a win-win synergy between users and developers.


Autoscaling Nodes

For applications developing on the RunNode platform, it will automatically activate or deactivate nodes to handle traffic on a temporary or permanent basis.

This will decrease bloat and inefficient node usage for applications that are using more nodes than necessary when estimating traffic costs.

Dual Ecosystem between Users and Developers

User staking creates a stronger and more secure validator network for the solana ecosystem.

Developers can then utilize the validator network we've built through our API for higher throughputs.

Proof Of Holding

The longer a member stakes the Run token, the more rewards he receives. After one year, they also start to earn the governance token for the RUN platform.

Developer API

Develop On Solana

And Let Us Handle The Infrastructure through a secure, fast API connection.

Secure Connections

Connect your project reliably to Solana RPC Nodes With Our Secure API Connection

Solana Blockchain

As a developer on solana, we enable you to quickly and seamlessly connect into our nodes.

Focus On Building

Our goal is to allow you to focus on your project and build amazing applications and software and allow us to handle the infrastructure for you.

Node Access

To Connect to a Solana RPC Node, it will be as simple as registering, creating your project and connecting through our API

Tiered Usage

As your project grows, we can help you scale. You can upgrade your account based on how many requests per day your project requires.

User Staking

Stake Your

Help Validate The Network Through Our Non-Custodial Staking Solution and Earn Tokens As Your Rewarrd

Earn Rewards

By Staking Your Solana, you're helping to validate the network and get rewarded for doing so.

Stake Your Sol (solana)

By staking Sol, you'll earn more Sol for your rewards based on the inflation rate and the size of the validator.

Validator Nodes

By Staking your sol, you're helping to build and scale solana. These validator nodes will then be used by developers to connect through our API system.

Non-Custodial Staking

To stake your Sol, you will connect through your a non-custodial wallet and use a delegator address to stake your solana tokens.

Annual Yield

The current annual yield for the Solana network is about 10.4%.



Long Term Staking Incentives Designed To Decrease Supply On The Market And Drive Demand To Generate More Yield For Holding and Participating In Run Staking.


Holders of the Run Token will be able to get airdrops from developers that are building on the RunNode platform.


RUN Token Holders earn a percentage of the fees generated through our staking service and developer API service in the form of Run Token Buy and Burns similar to FTX and Binance's programs.

DAO Governance

Over time, the team plans on turning the platform into a decentralized entity that is run and operated through a DAO that is governed by top long term Run Stakers through a voting consensus mechanism.

Reduced emissions

Unlike other projects, our emissions curve is reduced and extended overtime to decrease potentially harmful price impacts.


Run Token has a first -of-its-kind proof-of-hold POH concept that encourages and incentivizes long term token holders and stakers.

Run Token And The RunNode Platform Road Map

By Building A NaaS (Nodes-As-A-Service) Company, we will be establishing ourselves as a pillar in the Solana ecosystem.
We want to allow projects to rapidly prototype, develop and launch to enable and empower developers to do what they do best...
which is to build amazing products.


Community First - We believe that good projects that last are centered around a strong community. The first order of business will be to do a community airdrop of Run Tokens to Solana holders to get early momentum and word of mouth out about our project. We will do one to three rounds of airdrops, depending on the level of public interest.

Seed Round

Strategic Partners - In order to do things right, we want to take on strategic partners that make sense and will help us grow the right way. It's not just about getting as much money as we can, but about getting the RIGHT money from the RIGHT partners.

Establish Markets

Liquidity - Our goal after initial fundraising is to establish a market on Serum and Raydium and establish a liquidity farm to encourage early staking of our project.

Build Testnet MVP

Get To Work - After raising enough funds for development and server costs, our goal is to get our Nodes-as-a-Service platform MVP out as soon as possible to empower the Solana developers to start building with it.

Onboard Projects

Onboard Projects - After we launch our MVP, we will start to onboard new projects from the Solana ecosystem and work with established projects to encourage them to migrate them over to the RunNode platform.

Launch User Staking

USER STAKING - Once our developer API platform is up and running and we are onboarding new projects, we will launch our user staking platform to build out more validator nodes and networks to handle the increased traffic capacities of the projects building on our platform.


SUPPLY: 1,000,000,000 RUN Token Hard Cap




The total RUN mining pool consists of 20% of all tokens or 200,000,000 RUN tokens.


Emissions will occur for 36 months with halvenings every 6 months.


Emissions at launch will be around 1% per month and will scale up as liquidity providers and users are on boarded and will then decrease over the emission period.

Locked Tokens

FOUNDERS: 3 Year Vesting Period. One Year Cliff Unlock with a gradual unlock every 6 months for 24 months after the first year unlock.


TEAM: 2 year Vesting Period. One Year Cliff Unlock with a gradual unlock every 6 months for 24 months after the first year unlock.


ADVISORS: 2 year Vesting Period. One Year Cliff Unlock with a gradual unlock every 6 months for 24 months after the first year unlock.


SEED ROUND: 2 year Vesting Period. One Year Cliff Unlock with a gradual unlock every 6 months for 24 months after the first year unlock.

Full Token Allocation Breakdown

Mining Pool – 20% (340,000,000 Run Tokens)

Founders and Team – 22% (200,000,000 Run Tokens that come with a three year lock up. Year 1 cliff with a gradual unlock every 6 months)

Partnerships & Ecosystem – 41% (410,000,000 Run Tokens)

  • Marketing to Solana Developers

  • Hosting Hackathons for Developers 

  • Exchange Partnerships

  • User Staking Marketing

  • Expansion to other blockchains

Liquidity Reserve – 8% (80,000,000 Run Tokens)

Seed Round – 6% (40,000,000 Run Tokens)

Public Sale – 2% (20,000,000 Run Tokens that come with a 2 year lockup)

Community Airdrop – 1% (10,000,000 Run tokens Airdropped Fairly To The Community)

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