How do I get my endpoint?2022-04-07T21:01:38+00:00

Simply sign up, select your plan, then create a project. Click settings then copy your endpoint.

How do I register for an account with RunNode?2022-04-07T21:01:38+00:00

Go to https://app.runnode.com/register and enter your email and password. From there you’ll select a plan, Free, Essential or Enterprise and enter your payment information if necessary.

What are the price tiers? How many projects can I have per account?2022-04-07T21:01:38+00:00
  • Free
    • 1 Project
    • 100,00 Requests per day
    • Discord Support
  • Essential
    • 5 Projects
    • 200,000 Requests per day
    • Direct Customer Support
    • Basic Analytics
    • $50 / Month
  • Developer
    • 15 Projects
    • 1 Million Requests per day
    • Direct Customer Support
    • Advanced Analytics
    • $200 / Month
  • Enterprise
    • Projects as needed
    • Requests as needed
    • Private Discord Channel
    • Custom Analytics
    • Domain Whitelisting
    • Stress Tests
    • Inquire on price
How do I upgrade, downgrade or cancel my account?2022-04-07T21:01:38+00:00

Upgrade, downgrade and canceling are accomplished through the customer portal. Click settings, then billing tab, then the Customer Portal button. It will take you to Stripe to manage your account.

What is a project?2022-04-07T21:01:38+00:00

A project can be a token, an NFT project, anything that makes an API call to our endpoints. Usually, it has a 1/1 correlation with a website.

How am I billed?2022-04-07T21:01:38+00:00

You’re billed through Stripe in your customer portal. In the future you’ll be able to connect your Solana wallet and pay with crypto.

Are there any restrictions by country?2022-04-07T21:01:38+00:00

At this time RunNode is available to everyone.

What happens if I go over my request limit?2022-04-07T21:01:38+00:00

You won’t be able to make any more requests until you upgrade your account or until the next billing round. In the future, you’ll be able to purchase request insurance in case you go over your limit.

What does it mean that RunNode is scalable?2022-04-07T21:01:38+00:00

Our scaling solution eliminates hangups. If our validators get overwhelmed with traffic, a new validator can be spun up within a second, literally.

Which API calls and RPC modules do we support?2022-04-07T21:01:38+00:00

Everything in the official Solana documention is supported. https://docs.solana.com/

Can you do geographically distributed servers?2022-04-07T21:01:38+00:00

Coming soon!

How do custom analytics work if I choose Enterprise?2022-04-07T21:01:38+00:00

We’ll have a 1 on 1 conversation, determine your needs and goals and build analytics around them.

What authorization mechanism for the endpoint do you use?2022-04-07T21:01:38+00:00

API key authenticaiton. This is made per project.

Why RunNode? How are we different?2022-04-07T21:01:37+00:00

Our scalability eliminates downtime for users. You don’t want your project crashing and neither do we! We also pride ourselves on our affordability and simple user experience. If you have trouble at all, don’t hesitate to reach out. We want to make our node service the best on Solana!

What networks does RunNode support?2022-04-07T21:01:37+00:00

We support Solana mainnet (mainnet beta) as well as Solana devnet.

Common HTTP Error Codes.2022-04-07T21:01:37+00:00
  • 400 – Bad Request
    • Wrong request syntax in your code. You’ll have to fix this one.
  • 403 – You’re not authorized.
    • You don’t have the right username or password.
  •  404
    • Your trying to access something that either does not exist or has been moved. Check that you’re linking to the right place. If the error is still occurring, send us a message!
  • 405 – Method not Allowed.
    • The request method is not supported.
  • 429 – Too many Requests
    • You’ve hit your request limit for your plan.
  • 500 Errors
    • This could be something on our end. Send us a message!
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